Do you know what really moves mothers?

 Ask the mother whisperers at KloseDetering. 

We tell you how healthcare brands reach mothers.

How do modern mothers deal with health issues?

Mothers place the highest demands on themselves – and when it comes to health issues, they really want to do everything right. In addition, they inform themselves autonomously, are well connected and constantly online. With deep mother-insights from years of experience and the latest findings from current studies, we know how to reach them, who they trust, and how to convince them.

What are the most important touchpoints on a mother's customer journey?

If you want to reach the target group mothers, you must know how and when they inform themselves and on which topic. With the latest know-how from global surveys into the decision-making behavior of around 10,000 mothers, we support you in convincing at the right touchpoints with the right arguments. This will make your communication more efficient and increase your ROI.

What is the typical online mum?

95% percent of mothers use the Internet for exchanges with other mothers, 90% prefer mobile devices, 80% inform themselves online before they buy, and over 70% buy products according to recommendations in blogs: Today, mothers are 100% digital. We know when to reach them on which channels with which content – and which influencers they trust.

How do I convince Health Care Professionals?

Whether before and during pregnancy or after childbirth: For mothers, midwives, pediatricians and pharmacists are among the most important contacts in health matters. We know how to convince them – and how to increase their readiness to recommend. Benefit from our experience in communicating with HCPs.

How do I use influencers to reach mothers?

Whether on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube: In Germany alone there are over 2,000 Mama blogs and channels. Each of them deals with different topics, each of them, as an influencer, can influence the followers' buying decisions. These influencers offer the best opportunities for mother marketing. We know from experience which influencers mothers listen to on what topics – and how to work with them effectively. This is how we ensure successful influencer cooperations.

How can I professionally mother my brand on social media?

Social media offers fascinating possibilities – but also needs someone who takes care of it. We'll show you how you can use Facebook & Co. for your brand without spending too much time and money. If you like, we'll take care of it all: with the right content strategy, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I communicate with “Digital Mums”?

Today’s mothers are more mobile, informed and critical than ever. Especially GenZ mothers are constantly online and rarely make a purchase decision about a drug or care product, without first consulting their social networks. Brands that do not meet their need for naturalness and safety are consistently rejected. Our deep insights help to understand current trends and expectations of the "Digital Mums". Use us as a partner for strategy and implementation to care for the core values of your brand, so that it stays hip for the next generation.

How do I reach Generation Z?

GenZ mothers make purchasing decisions with a swipe. They grew up with their smartphones and now carry the knowledge of the whole world in their pockets. And they use it to compare pharmaceutical brands and products - whenever they want, with whoever they want, at any level of information they want. We know where and how "GenZ-Mums" inform themselves and develop stories and strategies that convince this young, critical target group: with authentic content, on all relevant channels.

Why do healthcare brands need "mother whisperers"?

Mothers are doubly relevant as a target group. They not only decide on medicines for their child, but also for themselves. They are interested in all products that can help them before and during pregnancy and lactation.

It takes a lot of feeling to gain the trust of mothers in this sensitive area – and a healthcare agency that really understands mothers:

  • We know what really motivates mothers, how they think, act and feel.
  • We know how, when and where to reach mothers.
  • We know which healthcare professionals mothers consult and trust on which topics.
  • We know how to convince midwives, pediatricians and pharmacists and increase their readiness to recommend.

What makes us "mother whisperers"?

We love families, especially mothers – if only because many mums work for us. Thanks to our experience with Milupa, Humana and Prospan, mothers are something like our core business. That is why we have the right answers for all those who want to successfully inspire mothers for products and services related to health. With lots of sensitivity and creativity we get a little closer to the target group "Mommy" every day. That's why our customers call us "mother whisperers".

How do we bring your healthcare brand closer to mothers?

Everything we do is based on deep insights and understanding of the demands, needs and expectations in the various phases of motherhood. Based on clear strategies, we develop communication measures that we implement through consistent storytelling in all relevant channels: online, offline, at the POS and with the most important HCP representatives. But according to which criteria do mothers form their opinion in which phase? This is answered by the mothers meta-study by KloseDetering and concept m research + consulting.

  • Combined learnings from studies of maternal and parent market research.
  • Rational and emotional insights from every stage – from pregnancy to the child's driving license.
  • Sound knowledge for the development and positioning of products and brands.

Every mom goes through phases of development.

Those who know these phases can address mothers in a more targeted way.

You want to know what the mother whisperers can do for your brand and your products? Talk to us.

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